Gingerbread Sparkles - by Selena Hucal

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Gingerbread Sparkles  

Gingerbread Sparkles  

For those of us (like me) with  a weakness for anything with a ginger/molasses taste, here is the best recipe for Gingerbread Cookies from my Canadian friend Selena that I have ever tasted. This morning, I think I had 3 before 9 am. 



2 cups of flour  

2 tsp soda

1/2 tsp salt  

1 tsp cinnamon  

1 tsp ginger  

½ tsp cloves  

1 cup brown sugar  

2/4 cup butter or margarine (but who are we kidding, butter is better)   

¼ cup molasses  

1 egg  



fine granulated sugar  

(roll into balls and roll in sugar before baking)  


Just for fun- here is her recipe card she wrote out when she was 12 years old that she has kept more than 20 years. 


The mixing  directions are here.  




Hope you enjoy!