Like Willows In The Wind by Michael Salerno


The flowing water passes by
With whispers in the dawn
The sunlight kisses me with peace
Until her light is gone

I sit beside the water’s edge
And breathe the midday light
The branches sway above my head
While memories come to sight

I think of how the years slip by
And slowly drift away
How laughter travels through the air
And fades to shades of gray

How tears come quickly in the dark
But dry beneath the sun
And even when a heartbeat stops
A life is never done

I’m glad there is no place to run
To hide from what we know
Because I’d never choose the truth
That grace could only show

I feel the sweet embrace of peace
Surround me in this place
The scent of joy has drawn me here
To touch my weary face

And now I truly understand
How hope can live within
We bend with love yet do not break
Like willows in the wind

Submitted By: Michael Salerno